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The Performance exists an in-between space, constantly nowhere and everywhere at once. They have always existed as a middle ground- from their race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and gender, they have existed uncertainly, looking for spaces they belong to, but never being able to completely give themselves to them. With their art, The Performance has been able to not only find but build an in-between space in which to exist and thrive. Dealing with the subject of in-betweens, their work comes back to their body and how they present themselves according to the occasion. They dissect their identity into its different sections- the White part of them vs the Black, their attraction to men vs women… all to disseminate who they are at the core. Using a wide variety of mediums and methods, they find themself in conversation with painting, art books, and performance art. Their use of different media bleeds into each other- finding new niches and pockets to cultivate within their practice. Emerging from a background in design, they are constantly searching for methods of integrating different practices and disciplines into a collaboration between them- such as book art, which allows them to explore bookmaking from a fine art perspective. The Performance draws inspiration from their own experiences and the natural world around them, observing the cycles that perpetuate themselves and reappear constantly.